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Pareja, Dualidad y polaridad

Aspectos de la transformación El hombre y la mujer que permanecen juntos obrando siempre de la misma manera, guiando sus vidas en un mismo sentido están recargando solo un lado de la balanza con lo cual se obtiene la ruptura; y no es necesariamente la separación o el final sino el rompimiento de lazos que […]


Blessed are those who work to live and do not live to work

Blessed are those who do not need to work for a living, who have the good fortune on their side … and more blessed are those who have exceeded the needs of this world and live on the plane of spiritual fulfillment, For those who enjoy what they do and keep their hopes, motivations and […]

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About Bad Bosses and other demons…

It makes me feel sick to see how large companies are delivered into the hands of incompetent leaders, the direction of important departments to managers without commitment for their duties, by unethical and code less people who would be willing to do anything in order to achieve some numbers/results. I’m still trying to justify the […]