Medicina para el Alma

de mi Alma para la tuya…

The Soul of Customer Experience: 5D Interactions

The Soul of customer experience is nothing different but the human essence contained in every single interaction at different levels of consciousness and reality from physical to virtual dimensions. From customer service and management to automation of processes plus a secret touch to it: Empathy= Connectivity-unification. Empathy, i will always insist about this being the […]

Becoming a Master in Love?

Learning to be a Master in Love… First of all you have to be really mad but extremely wise, obsessed with life in all its forms and a believer of everything …. . other than that just use all your 7 senses , learn how to feel , feel everything, everyone and beyond appearances, feeling […]

Dancers are the Athletes of God

“Dance is about time, and symmetry in space” Dance is everywhere, life rhythms , biological patterns, cycles, Heart beats, music …everything is in motion, the Dance is a magnificent expression of the intangible essence and nature of the Universe. “We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, […]

2020-2021 THE YEARS OF FULL DISCLOSURE Lorie Ladd, a channel for multi-dimensional Light Beings who shares their point of view on our ascension process, also talks about 2020 as the year of full disclosure (20/20 vision) that hadn’t happen yet. She explains at 5:08 minute mark that in 2021, we will notice that we, as light warriors, are […]

Mass Awakening We need to awaken as many people as possible to thwart the Cabal’s horrifying plans for humanity and earth. As censorship is increasing, you are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this and share this article far and wide! Always discern and do your own research. Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay GOD WINS, WE WIN […]

How do you get power?Visualization, manifestation, magic?

Power can be obtained through meditation or some practice that involves the psyche, mind or spirit, even work or daily occupations, through friendships, convenient relations and the achievement of specific objectives but more by the constancy of making the deepest wishes come true. Power is increased by considering one self an inseparable part of the […]

Cómo se obtiene poder?..

Visualización, manifestación, magia? Puede obtenerse poder a traves de la meditación o de alguna  práctica que involucre al psiquismo, la mente o espíritu, incluso el trabajo o las cotidianas ocupaciones, a través de la amistad o el logro de objetivos y sobre todo por la constancia en hacer realidad los anhelos más profundos. El poder […]

A Humanized Rose

And what if we compare human nature with every creature and elemental force? … Aren’t they the same…? Are we not like the flowers, the winds, the flames and the seas?The whole of humanity is reflected in a drop, in a cell, … and I particularly like to compare it with a Rose … because […]

El Rosal de mi Alma..

El Rosal de mi Alma Hace muchos años comencé a soñar con un jardín de rosas, no solo soñaba , lo veía en mis horas de ensueño y vigila….soñaba despierta quizás…podía olerlas…podía sentir el aire y cada rosa, elemento y criatura que formaba parte de ese lugar….tenía 7 años cuando vi lo que tiempo después […]

Los Maestros y las Maestras,

“Tengo el convencimiento, de que las obras más perfectas, de los imperfectos seres humanos, son aquellas que nacen del corazón. Y puesto que con absoluto convencimiento y descaro quiero ser llamado alguna vez, “Maestro”, intentaré cumplir con la asignación de definir, lo que esto es, desde la perspectiva de mí propio corazón, sinceramente, sin ruborizarme […]

What feelings are made of?

THE FEELINGS It is the third expression of the self in the psyche, it closely accompanies cognitive/thinking and the will. One of its characteristics is its constant change, which corresponds to the aforementioned rhythmic system, this is the basis of feeling. There is not the slightest feeling possible without a change in breathing or circulation. […]


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Hola, Yo soy Luz

Yo soy Luz ,Soy psicóloga por vocación, empata por naturaleza, tengo 40 años de habitar en este Mundo llamado Tierra, hija de padres Educadores , 20 años de experiencia con grupos y empoderamiento femenino, 16 años trabajando en diferentes campos y siempre aprendiendo..,, Este es mi espacio para compartir mi perspectiva de vida y mis experiencias como Ciudadana universal …y tu también estás invitado a participar en mi Mundo virtual ..

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