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The Soul of Customer Experience: 5D Interactions

The Soul of customer experience is nothing different but the human essence contained in every single interaction at different levels of consciousness and reality from physical to virtual dimensions. From customer service and management to automation of processes plus a secret touch to it: Empathy= Connectivity-unification. Empathy, i will always insist about this being the […]

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Bienaventurados aquellos que …

Bienaventurados aquellos que trabajan para vivir y no viven para trabajar……. Bienaventurados aquellos que no necesitan trabajar para ganarse la vida, quienes tienen a la buena fortuna de su lado …y mas bienaventurados sean aquellos que han sobrepasado las necesidades de este mundo y viven en el plano de la realización espiritual, Para aquellos que […]

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About Bad Bosses and other demons…

It makes me feel sick to see how large companies are delivered into the hands of incompetent leaders, the direction of important departments to managers without commitment for their duties, by unethical and code less people who would be willing to do anything in order to achieve some numbers/results. I’m still trying to justify the […]

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Acerca del Elemento…

El elemento es el producto de uno de los principales pensadores y oradores del mundo sobre la creatividad y la auto-realización, un libro sobre el hallazgo del talento, la pasión, y logros vitales. El elemento es el punto en el que se reúnen el talento natural y la pasión personal. Cuando las personas llegan a […]

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Psychology of Customer Experience :

by Luz Betty CX  is taking over and recently does it here in UAE in this society so demanding and eager for innovation, excellence and quality, it has been opening  the way through the business world in MENA region,  and UAE big companies won’t be the exception, but, For a real establishment of such important […]

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About Social Business…

Social Business is more than a simple concept or revolutionary action from a man or society, is a necessary tool, strategy and society requirement for a proper way of living. In a world with a very notorious imbalance in quality life, human rights and humanity good ideas followed by brave actions are required, Mohammed Yunus […]