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El Rosal de mi Alma..

El Rosal de mi Alma Hace muchos años comencé a soñar con un jardín de rosas, no solo soñaba , lo veía en mis horas de ensueño y vigila….soñaba despierta quizás…podía olerlas…podía sentir el aire y cada rosa, elemento y criatura que formaba parte de ese lugar….tenía 7 años cuando vi lo que tiempo después […]

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I do believe …i am different … Are you?

In a world of cultural and religious plurality, staying upright and dressed in tolerance is a constant challenge, … one day my day-to-day stories will serve other beings and other women to discover the other worlds that exist beyond this one… My commitment is to the Almighty, .. My choices are not linked to systems […]

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Let me tell you a little about me

Short Biography A pinch of eternity on this earth. I am a Light worker, Transpersonal Psychologist, God’s Spoiled child and an Angel’s Lover! – yes, i love Cats.. My personal life moments have always been great lessons to me, an internal pilgrimage and many experiences of a deep existential content, . As a child I […]